Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Wikipedia and Colorado Caucus

The new Colorado Caucus listing on Wikipedia is getting lots of attention. If you've seen it a few hours ago it's probably different now. 

Suggestion: Could there be a official listing posted by Colorado Secretary of State? Maybe approved by legislature. Aren't citizens of Colorado entitled to clear, complete information, especially when the Caucus killers are gathering and distorting the Wikipedia listing?

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John S Wren said...

JUST now checked Wikipedia listing again for Colorado Caucus. I like some of the changes. Interesting process. Have you checked out how it's changing right now from hour to hour?

Seems to me an official Colorado Secretary of State explanation of the Colorado Caucus in the Wikipedia format on the SOS website would be a great idea, everyone who checked it out would read it.

2nd best to SOS official version, we'll do an official COCaucus.org version right here. Watch for it tomorrow morning. I'll talk about it today on the Startup Show, 12:30 p.m. each day Monday thru Friday via link at http://www.JohnWren.com

Right now, when you look at the current version on Wikipedia (link above in main text) what changes do you think should be made? If you go ahead and make the change on Wikipedia, great, let us know what you've done here if you want.