Friday, July 29, 2016

What's next for Save the Caucus?

Watch John Wren's Startup Show today (Fri, 7/30) for more about what Save the Caucus might be doing next, also discussion of Gov J-Hi at the DNC yesterday, and more about Socratic Startup.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Go Gary, Go?

Republicans of every stripe have no room to criticize others, with Mr. You are Fired allowed to walk away with the top of the 2016 GOP ticket. Best option it has seemed to me for sometime if there was a meltdown in Cleveland was Gov Gary Johnson. Seems to be a good man, except for his misunderstanding of life, but he seems solid on liberty and justice, more, much more, than can be said of Mr Fired.

Check us out on Yelp:

We'll discuss Yelp today on the Startup Show, noon each Friday on YouTube Live or Google+ On Air. Today on the show and at the LoDo IDEA Cafe (see our website for more info) we'll talk about Yelp. Here is Small Business Chamber's Yelp listing, what do you think of it?

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Would you help us?

We are about to announce a new concept, hyper-local chambers of commerce, each autonomous and self governing, that will work with both major political parties to increase informed participation in the 2018 Colorado Caucus.


An educational program of Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (303)861-1447

Friday, July 1, 2016

Live at Noon MDT the Startup Show, join us!

Startup Show, sponsored by the Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Each Friday, noon MDT join us if you are starting in a new direction with your work. We cooperate with local chambers to help provide more real help to startups and very small businesses. Today we talk about the Colorado primary elections that were just held and Kimmi Lewis. To be on the show next Friday call John Wren the first of the week at (303)861-1447