Thursday, September 27, 2012

I just sent this letter to the Denver Post:

cc:  Rick Palacio, Ryan Call (state chairs of Colorado Dems & GOP)

 Dear Editors,

 When I watch The Debate (and Tweeting @JohnSWren #POTUS2012DU with my comments),(and the leaders of our major Colorado political parties) I'll be especially looking for two things:

 1) Recognition that whoever is elected President is worthy of and needs our support.

 These are two good men, no matter what their over zealous followers say about the other. Our rights, over time, are protected by our Constitution, what this country needs now more than ever is a President and political leaders who can inspire unity.

 2) Recognition that it doesn't so much matter who is elected President as who is elected to local offices.

 Thousands of local representatives are elected across the country in every election cycle, and the grassroots is either strengthend with new and newly active citizens being drawn into our system of government, first working for candidates, political parties, and all sorts of political clubs, and then perhaps running for office themselves, or it is weakened with candidates who just pay people to pass petitions, run ads and send direct mail, candidates who almost never inspire new people to get involved.

 A home run for me? The candidate (or political leader) who salutes our Colorado Caucus, the best chance for the common person to serve in elected public office, and who encourages those who want to get involved in our 2014 Caucus to DO IT Now! The debate is a fantastic opportunity to encourage new people involved NOW in a campaign or with their favorite party or political club.

 John Wren
960 Grant St. #727
Denver, CO 80203

 Wren is one of 12 DU Debate bloggers for the Denver Post,
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