Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nebraska faces powerful forces, learn from CO?

This is an article from Bishop Conley about the situation in Nebraska today:

Here's the comment from me (John Wren):

If you agree with Bishop then act now and learn from our experience here in Colorado.

Lessons: 1) gather together in your parish now, wait and it will very quickly be too late, 2) take the message to each neighborhood, and gather neighbors who agree on this one issue, 3) have a day at the Capitol, massive meetings with EVERY legislator, get firm commitment to either work against or refer to voters, or start immediate recall. 

Very rough right now, but take a look at educational website, call me for more info It's only to late if you don't start NOW in your own parish and your own neighborhood. Pray for guidance, do the little you can each day and trust that with God's help that will be enough.

 But don't repeat fiasco of Colorado Catholic Conference, rally at the Capitol, speakers brag that with God on our side we can't loose, and then suggest everyone write a letter to their representative. Do that and you'll get what we got. This requires stronger action, the power on the other side of this issue is well organized and well finance. 

I pray that Nebraska be the turning point. God bless you! +