Sunday, January 29, 2012

Are you going to your neighborhood caucus this year?

Vote in the Facebook poll that just went up. Click on the link (above), then click on your answer to the poll question, make a comment if you want. Just takes a few seconds.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Occupy the Caucus!

If you are an elected official, party leader, candidate, or just a concerned citizen, you can perform a great public service in the next few days by organizing and leading an information session about our wonderful Colorado Caucus at your local library.  You can see sessions like this that have already been announced on our Facebook Page, 

Here's all you have to do:

1.  Make sure you understand the system yourself, review the information on this site.

2.  Talk with your local librarian and set a date.

3.  Invite the leadership from both major political parties to participate.

4.  Send out a media release. This should be done right away. You may want to hand deliver it. If you'd like the information of your release posted on Colorado Caucus News, email a copy to

5.  Hold the session and make another media release.

Both political parties hold information sessions like this, but they tend to keep attracting the same people. The objective of an unaffiliated session like this is to reach out to newcomers.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Practice sessions for Colorado Caucus

We are going to start using the Franklin Circle Beginners Meetings as a forum for distributing information to anyone who would like to become a more active Colorado citizen. Watch for a media release next week, for now, RSVP for our 4 p.m. meeting next Friday.