Friday, July 4, 2014

Start a neighborhood group, we'll help if you want.

Want to make a real difference? Start a small group that meets once a week or once a month in your neighborhood where you live or work. More will be posted here tomorrow, and we'd love it if you have experience with small groups and would be willing to share with us.

If you're not ready to become active in one of the political parties, working for a candidate or a particular issue, this is a powerful way for you to still make a big difference in 2016.

Hope to see you back here tomorrow as we start to make this a community of neighborhood groups doing independent civic education.

Freedom today? Tomorrow?

The current majority is just as  much the tyrant as King George unless kept in check.

Why not spend today thinking about that tyranny of the majority and what you can do to make a difference in 2016 which may be the last chance to use some of these powerful political tools.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 Start!: Colorado primary election Start!: Colorado primary election: Low turn out was astonishing. Denver had less than 10 % of registered voters cast a ballot, disgraceful. That's 10% of registered voters...

What are you going to DO between now and Colorado Caucus 2016. Click above link to see my promise, then if you want tell us all with your comment or call me and I'll tell you story, might make you a guest on the next SPECIAL EDITION The Startup Show to talk about how you got started in politics.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Nerds" Bill Cosby's Graduation Talk

Vote yet? Want to make a real difference?

If you are affiliated with one of the major political parties, your vote today for the primary candidates of your choice makes a difference, of course.

I think nearly everyone should do this.

Now you can make a real difference. Start reaching out to your neighbors. All of your neighbors, no matter how they are registered to vote. We'll be talking about that here over the next few weeks.

We'll bring you information about inclusive groups you might consider starting.

Our first suggestion: Start a Socrates Café. Inspired by the book by the same name Chris Phillips wrote, I've been involved with groups here in Colorado since early 2000.

For more, check out our Facebook Page

If it looks like something you might like to start in your neighborhood, just do it! Or if you want help attend one of our free meetings here in Denver or give me a call.

Do you have a group in your neighborhood that's helped pull the neighbors together? Tell us about it with your comments here, or call me and I'll write about it.

John Wren

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Talking to a machine?

I just got call from machine supporting one political candidate over another in the primary. Here's what I can't understand, why is the machine calling me? I've been registered Unaffiliated for years. I've called and left a message... More later. 

Are you getting calls like this? If so, has a call ever changed your mind? 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Google Politics and Elections Blog

Have you seen this blog Google maintains regarding politics and elections?

What do you think of it?