Friday, February 26, 2016

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Light a Candle March 1 for Colorado Caucus.

 For video and media release about this see

PLEASE SHARE your spiritual way of living, next Tuesday (3/1) go and SERVE your neighbors. (Just sent out on Twitter to people in 12-step recovery programs.)

How can you be of service? Read through the info posted here on this site for some ideas right now.

What more ideas?  Ask someone who has gone to their precinct caucus, one good way is to go to an assisted living facility, as to visit someone who has had an interest in the elections, tell the nurse at the front desk the fact that you want to learn from their experience. 

Watch for more ideas here and especially on our Facebook Page where we are going to turn this into another contest later today, see

Let your little light shine!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Grassroots Rules. : My friend Sue O'Brien wrote in this editorial in 2...

Grassroots Rules. : My friend Sue O'Brien wrote in this editorial in 2...: My friend Sue O'Brien wrote in this editorial in 2002 when our wonderful Colorado Caucus, our neighborhood system for nominating candi...

How did Iowa Caucus become Iowa caucuses?

Just sent to leading authority on newspapers and accepted usage:

Seems to me there must be a story about the sudden change from Iowa Caucus, which had been the accepted usage for decades, to Iowa caucuses every where from the Des Moines Register to Wikipedia. 

Something caused the change other than common usage, look at pictures of Iowa political signs this year, nearly all use Iowa Caucus. Seems to me this is part of an effort to diminish the caucus-assembly system. Grassroots Rules, Why Iowa? have documented what lots of us have experienced, the caucus levels the political playing field, it makes it much more difficult for the rich and powerful to control the electorate. 

More about this on  where I'm going to copy this question now. Hope you'll answer me, I can't get a response from AP.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

9 News Poor Job Explaining Colorado Caucus.

9 News in Denver report on Colorado Caucus.

Republicans should as for equal time. Obvious spin in this story. Reporter clearly has no idea how delegates will be selected.

It's untrue that only Rs and Ds welcome at the gatherings. By Colorado law they are open public meetings. Anyone can observe.

No mention of the other races involved, time lines from caucus to county to state conventions.

This is the largest political event in the state, it deserves much better coverage by our local media, and there should be appreciation for all the volunteer time that goes into it.

Reporter clearly dislikes the system, that's because it is a very hard story to cover. If the station would take the same care getting reports from views as it does with the weather, they would do a great public service. Why won't they? Because it would become crystal clear what a wonderful thing the Colorado Caucus is, lessen the chance the state will regress once again to a Presidential Primary.,

Here's the report:

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Thank you Colorado Secretary of State!

If you want to register to vote, manage your registration, or find your elected representatives districts, it's easy, fast, and accurate on the Colorado Secretary of State Website (click here for correct page there.) Thanks Wayne Williams! To get help finding your precinct, local office for your political party, the name and phone number of your precinct committee people, or anything else about the March 1 Colorado Caucus, a great resource is your county clerk (click here for link.)

Denver Election Commission Thank you!

Great resource for voters in Denver: Denver Election Commission (click here)

Caucus vs Primary War of Words

This was posted on Wikipedia article "Colorado Caucus" to explain variation from Iowa Caucuses:

In Colorado the accepted usage has been Colorado Caucus rather than Colorado caucuses. In 2000 a committee was formed to fight Amendment 29. It was called Save the Caucus, not Save the caucuses. Making the term descriptive of the event rather than a title is a way to disparage the process. Look at the Iowas caucuses article, link in the first paragraph to 2008 front page of Iowa paper that uses Iowa Caucus. Search newspapers, it's clear this is an effort to demean states that have been loyal to this grassroots system. Watch for article soon on Colorado Caucus News <nowiki> 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Wanted: 6000 citizen journalists.

This was just posted on the Wikipedia article: Colorado Caucus: 

If you will be able to attend the March 1 Colorado Caucus you are invited to write a Wikipedia article about it starting now to list location, current (and new when they are elected that evening) precinct committee people, who is elected chair person (sometime precinct committee people assume they are to chair, but by Colorado law that's incorrect), who are elected delegates, and for Democrats who are they pledged to, for GOP what did they say that seemed to get them elected, etc. 

Could someone help build a standard template for gathering this info? My hunch is that even half of the 6000 precinct caucuses are reported on this way it will make the national news and shed a lot of light on the caucus systems strengths and weaknesses.

John Wren

Friday, February 5, 2016

Too Complicated?

Question asked in email:

I don't think the general public really understand how the Colorado Caucus works. Many I have spoken with has an idea what to do to support their presendial candidate. thank you


Most don't understand similar responsibilities until they learn: how to serve on a jury, how to learn to drive a car and get a drivers license, etc. 

Watching TV ads and pulling a leaver is simpler, less time consuming, and makes it much, much easier for the country to get stampeded. 

For more about how it works, something every citizen needs to understand, see and another good resource is usually your local library. 

Thanks for your comment. What you say is on a lot of people's minds. 

Those who do understand and are even in charge of our Wonderful Colorado Caucus, the best chance the common person has of serving in elected office, have not been good stewards of what's been entrusted to them.

Broncos and Colorado Caucus?Announcement at Super Bowl, too?


Want the good person who is NOT rich and powerful to have a better chance of getting elected? Here is an idea:  

Where will the Broncos (players, staff, and fans) be March 1? 

I'll bet Budweiser would do a TV ad or two if the Broncos asked them to do it: "Thanks to you elected representative"; "Thanks to you Precinct Committee Person"; "Thanks to you National Delegate"; "Thanks to you, Primary Election Candidate;" etc 

For more about our wonderful Colorado Caucus, the best chance the common person has of serving in elected public office, see "Colorado Caucus" on Wikipedia, follow link there to  Colorado Secretary of State who will answer your questions, to help go to:

Http:// and tell us what you think there, and also let us know via Facebook message if you'd take the Bronco resolution to your neighborhood caucus March 1.