Monday, November 6, 2017

Election Day

RTD University Station
Denver--It used to be that going to the polls on election day was the great American tradition.

No more.

Today the ballots are mailed out weeks ahead of time. What effect does this have on who we elect?

It heavily favors the powerful forces that have the money to do continuous marketing for their candidates and issues.

Mail elections appear to be grassroots-friendly. They are not.

The powerful forces that want to rid us of going to the polls in our neighborhood say the mail ballot is much more convenient, that it's more tolerant of those who just can't get to the polls.

The fact is those who wanted to mail their ballot could before. The convenience was there for those who wanted it and needed it.

Now we all have to vote by mail. Going to the neighborhood polling place used to be a convenient way to stay in touch with neighbors.

No more.