Saturday, April 30, 2016

It takes a village...

New service to turn your neighborhood into a real village. Watch this: Yesterday's (Fri, 4/28) Startup Show, on Colorado Caucus.

Mad as hell, not going to take it any more? Join us, help create a real village.

(DRAFT flier below.) If you like this flier and this concept, feel free to post public comment here below and/or when you share on social media. If you see things that can be improved email or call John at (303)861-1447

New grassroots organization to be launched in preparation for 2018 Colorado Caucus. Unaffiliated voters in every Colorado precinct to 1) welcome newcomers, inform of Colorado Caucus and who to contact for their party; 2) undertake some monthly or more often neighborhood activity that will help neighbors learn each others name, will vary depending on needs of neighborhood and interests of the volunteer leaders; 3) observe each political party activities in the precinct up to and including the 2018 Colorado Caucus and report on a public wiki; 4) when one or more PCP does an outstanding job of building the neighborhood and being inclusive, nominate for the outstanding PCP of the month; 5) work to preserve and protect our wonderful Colorado Caucus with letters to the editor, leading seminars and workshops, mentoring newly involved Colorado citizens. See draft of possible flier below.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Save the Caucus on Startup Show

See what John Wren on Small Business Chamber says about new educational direction for Save the Caucus (click here.)

Today! Do the work!

Ken Wyble will share startup experience and we'll brainstorm, this afternoon. Free if you've listened to today's Startup
Show. For more, optional RSVP see or call John Wren (303)861-1447

Open to being our Small Business Chamber Ambassador for your local newspaper? Interns being recruited for this summer. Great sales training. For details email your resume to 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Who do you call? CO Legislators

Online Pink Book-- Colorado Legislators

Letter to chair of CO House Appropriations Committee

Dear Rep. Young,

I see you are the chair of the committee that will decide whether 16-1454 will go on
to the floor this session. 

In my opinion you’d do a great service to everyone if you would lay this over until next
session. The proponents of the Bill made it clear yesterday they have not communicated
with the parties addressing similar concerns as initiatives, and I’ve read they have no
opinion as to what will happen if 1454 passes and then one or more of the initiatives
pass. Seems to me at some point there is going to be more of an educational and deliberative
process before a major change like this is adopted.

The Secretary of State and State GOP Chair both spoke in favor of 1454, but everyone I
know seems to think they are the only Republicans at the hearing who did so.

My opinion is that our trial of the Presidential Primary here in Colorado almost killed out
wonderful Colorado Caucus. Why try it again?

So I admit my bias. But even if I wanted this sort of change in Colorado I wouldn’t want to
push this bill through the way it is being handled.

Voters are angry now, in my opinion they’ll be even angrier if 1454 is passed.

Thank you for your consideration. Please call me if I can help with this in any way.

John Wren
Registered Agent,
Save the Caucus, a Colorado Political Committee  cell (720)495-4949

Primary Problems

Great Peter Blake column, 

Save the Caucus? How?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ken Wyble joins us for IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop Friday.

Each Friday, 4 p.m., IDEA Cafe Startup Workshop. Free. More info and optional RSVP

Listen to the Startup Show, each Friday at Noon. Details on above link.

1454 best considered next session.

It's clear to many the fiscal notes of 1454 underestimate the cost of a special election, the so called "Presidential Primary."

Washington State has said their similar election in a similar sized state costs $11.5 million and there is no reason it would be less than that in Colorado.

Yet the Legislative Council has said it will cost half or less of that here.


Also, there has been no explanation of what will happen if an initiative is passed that addresses the same concerns of 1454.

These and many other questions need to be answered before this bill is ready for consideration on the floor. With only days left, why not lay over consideration until next session?

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Letter to Committee Members Re: HB 16-1454

Colorado House Calendar
Monday, April 24, 2016 1:30 p.m. Room 271
State, Veterans, and Military Affairs

 HB16-1454 Moreno and Dore--Primary Participation Act

 This email was just sent to all committee members:

 RE: HB-1454 (AstroTurf of Primary rather than Grassroots Caucus) on calendar for Monday 4/24 by State, Veterans & Military Affairs, 1:30 p.m.

 Dear Committee Member,

 I very much hope your committee will discern the absolute waste of the legislature’s time it would be to consider 1454 now. Changes should be considered in an interim study committee.

 It is my hope that the real problem will be addressed by both political parties, poor leadership trying to get out from under a responsibility neither state chair was equipped to handle.

 Passing this will just take voters attention off the real problem, not a bad system but incompetent party leadership. Due to that poor leadership, an opportunity to engage newly active citizens in this year of high turnout was wasted.

 Please vote no tomorrow on HB-1454 in your 1:30 p.m. committee meeting.

 If you have any questions for me before then please call me.

 John Wren,
Registered Agent
Save the Caucus, a Colorado political committee. (303)861-1447

For more see Colorado Caucus News

Just start! Today!

GRASSROOTS REVOLUTION: Start Now! Save the Colorado Caucus!

It's only too late if we do't start now! Do good today. Trust that little we do is enough with God's help. Encourage others to do the same. 

+Taken+Blessed+Broken+Given+AMDG+ CO Http://

Friday, April 22, 2016

Shut up, Colorado!

That is the essence of misguided legislation introduced today.

House Bill 16-1454 will kill the Colorado Caucus. 

The way it is being promoted is an exercise in double speak. Restore the Presidential Primary? Very misleading description, Colorado experimented with an expensive special election. It was quickly abandoned. No benefit to it then, there will be no benefit now. And we know from that experiment it kills our wonderful Colorado Caucus, the best chance the common person has of serving in elected public office.

Urge your Colorado House Representative to vote NO on HB 16-1454.

How we started Save the Caucus in 2002, why it's restarted today.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Media Release: Save the Caucus!!

Contact: John S Wren,cell  (720)495-4949, 
Registered Representative of Save the Caucus.

FOR RELEASE AT 2 p.m. today MDT
April 21, 2016


Denver— Save the Caucus, the recently renewed Colorado political committee, announced today 

on the west steps of the Colorado State Capitol a  national education and lobbying effort to 

preserve and expand the use of the caucus, the best chance the common person has of serving in 

elected public office. For more see or call John Wren at (303)861-1447.

“The Colorado Caucus is under attack again, this time from powerful people who are 

elected representatives and top party officials who want to take the bottom rungs off the political 

ladder to protect their power., said John Wren, one of the founders of Save the Caucus.

“In 2002 despite being outspent 1400 to 1,  Amendment 29 was beat 60% to 40%. We expect the 

2016 fight will be more difficult, so we will use a bigger hammer, a  bipartisan lobbying and 

education effort  that will benefit Colorado citizens both now and in the future.

“Those who’d like to help us Save the Caucus are invited to attend one of our meetings 

via a link on or call me, John Wren,  at  (303)861-1447,”  concluded Wren.


2016 Save the Caucus is not affiliated with the 2002 political committee by the same name, it was discontinued, but the spirit of the group and the individuals is very much the same.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Power Play on the Colorado Caucus?

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams said today he will join lawmakers at 2 p.m. on the west steps of the Capitol Thursday (4/21) to announce legislation creating a presidential primary, which some predict will kill our Colorado Caucus just as it did in a previous short trial here.
Why was this years edition of the Colorado Caucus such a disaster?
Poor leadership from the top down.
The State Chairmen of both major political parties announced BEFORE this years Colorado Caucus they would jointly move towards such a plan to kill the system that had been entrusted to them. 
The chaos of March 1 resulted.
Our Colorado Caucus, the best chance for the common person to serve in elected public office, has been under attack by powerful forces ever since it was created by Gov. Shafroth and the legislature in a special session in August of 1910.
Why not allow time for consideration of this important chance this summer before introducing legislation? What is the rush?

Colorado underestimates cost of a Presidential Primary.

Some are saying the special election could cost as "little" as $4.7 million, money that could be much better spent in other ways.

And many thing that is underestimating the cost considerably.

Here's what's being said about Washington State's Presidential Primary: "The state budget enacted this month included $11.5 million to pay for the primary, which had been canceled in 2012 due to cost concerns."

For more see our Facebook Page (click here) for the complete newspaper article.

Announcement at 8:10 a.m. on KOA Radio

Denver's KOA radio just called me. They say I'll be put on the air at 8:10 a.m. this morning. If so, I'll announce what is happening today at 8:30 a.m. with Save the Caucus.

As we have previously announced, this has all been a labor of love of mine for the past few weeks, no money in our out of Save the Caucus, only my personal efforts.

But if all legislation and initiatives concerning the Colorado Caucus are withdrawn by the end of the day, we will begin raising money, finding and office, and hiring professional staff to Save the Caucus and to then make the Colorado Caucus one of our most important Made in Colorado exports, doing training in Colorado and across the country.

If we are on a link to the recording will be posted later today.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Message to Media, Friends of Colorado Caucus

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

To: Selected Media and Friends of the Colorado Caucus.
(This will also be posted on

There is a title board hearing tomorrow morning on new initiatives
concerning a Presidential Primary.

This is scheduled to take place while the Supreme Court is considering
proposals that have already been made.

Clearly for the sake of clarity, those pushing for these 5 different measures,
along with others that may be offered directly to voters or to the legislature
should first be encouraged to get together, perhaps in an interim session.

Save the Caucus will be asking for this at tomorrow morning's hearing.

Diane Cox from the western slope of Colorado just called me and
then sent out this email to here email list of long time friends of
her's and of the Colorado Caucus.

There is great concern on the part of people who have participated
in our wonderful grassroots system for nominating to the primary
ballot, the best chance the person with limited means has of ever
serving in elected public office is going to once again be wounded,
perhaps this time fatally, with another attempt at the Presidential Primary,
something we've tried and rejected here in Colorado.

I hope you give fair and balanced coverage of this important issue. Those
who are wanting to go from grassroots to astroturf are well funded, they
are easily covered, but people like Diane, those quiet people who have
done the work of being a citizen for decades get drowned out.

I thought you'd appreciate reading what she just sent to me and to
her email list. I've copied her, you could contact her directly via email
if you want more. If you want more from me my cell is (720)495-4949 


John S. Wren, Registered Agent
Save the Caucus, a Colorado political

-----Original Message-----
From: Diane Cox
Sent: Tue, Apr 19, 2016 2:24 pm
Subject: The Caucus Gives Grassroots Voice in Leadership

Colorado voters passed a bill in 2002 to give citizens a voice in selecting candidates and platforms for elections. Now the Colorado State legislators are considering a bill to eliminate that caucus system and go to a primary system.
The caucus process allows for grassroots participation for candidates and issues to be heard.
The primary system requires more up front money to get the word out and lends itself more to special interest groups dominating our leadership choices.  It focuses power in the hands of a few party leaders.
If you prefer retaining a last bastion for grassroots participation, please let your state representatives and state senator know and consider forwarding this email to other Colorado friends.
This bill will have far reaching effects on our choices. Thank you for your help.
Google Colorado general assembly or for contact information

Good analysis of Caucus vs Primary from Ari Armstrong.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Help us Save the Caucus!

Join us Saturday for 1st 2016 steering committee meeting of Save the Caucus.

No ticket required, of course, please invite your friends who you think would like to help us Save the Caucus. Helpful if you will RSVP by calling John Wren (303)861-1447 or via our Facebook group, link on 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Denver Post? Still a newspaper?

At what point do we call the Denver Post a shopper and not a newspaper? 

Past owners promoted it with a circus, today with an attack on our wonderful Colorado Caucus.

Why? Because a healthy caucus-assembly system levels the political playing field for the common person who wants to serve in elected public office.

Colorado Caucus makes it almost impossible to buy elections with advertising. And to a shopper it's all about selling more ads.

For more see  Save the Caucus! 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Going to your State Convention? Look for our ad in the Colorado Statesman Newspaper!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Why neighborhood caucuses? Only way to fight this corruption, then or now.

The corruption that Gov. Shafroth knew had to be cleaned up when he invented our unique Colorado Caucus for nominating to the primary ballot and putting party members in charge of their political party:

Saturday, April 2, 2016

War of words in Caucus vs Primary.

Clearly a decision was made to start a campaign to kill caucus states and replace them with Presidential primary elections. Healthy caucus-assembly is the best chance the common person has of serving in elected public office or helping other good people to get elected. Words kill.

Colorado Caucus symbolizes unity, the fact that we are all in this together. Colorado caucuses symbolizes fragmentation and disunity. The Iowa Caucus gets way more publicity, being the first in the nation. So it was the target of the logo-warfare, that's why Wikipedia has no listing for Iowa Caucus, believe it or not.

Too hard to cover?

Why so little newspaper coverage of largest event in Colorado?

Why have the newspapers virtually ignored the Colorado Caucus?

 It hasn't always been this way. Many remember when the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post both printed lists of all caucus locations.

 This and much more could have easily been done this year. There could have been a series of stories that would have helped newcomers to Colorado politics understand the real purpose of neighbors gathering every two years to control the political party of their choice, and why this process is the best way to overcome the political advantage of the rich and powerful that party bosses tap into without this process.

 Why did no newspaper ask their readers to be citizen journalists from their caucus?

Look at all the photos that were being taken this year, how many of them were printed in newspapers across the state?

 If the Colorado Press Association wants to encourage newspaper readership, this is the sort of thing it should be encouraging. Why not give an award this year to the newspaper that did the best job of covering the Colorado Caucus and the meetings that result from it through election day next November?

Now is the perfect time for papers to be writing about the two upcoming state conventions and assemblies with the delegates that were elected this year, and to write thoughtful editorials about why both political parties should make getting rid of current "leadership" their first order of business at their state conventions.