Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Message to Media, Friends of Colorado Caucus

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

To: Selected Media and Friends of the Colorado Caucus.
(This will also be posted on http://www.COCaucus.org)

There is a title board hearing tomorrow morning on new initiatives
concerning a Presidential Primary.

This is scheduled to take place while the Supreme Court is considering
proposals that have already been made.

Clearly for the sake of clarity, those pushing for these 5 different measures,
along with others that may be offered directly to voters or to the legislature
should first be encouraged to get together, perhaps in an interim session.

Save the Caucus will be asking for this at tomorrow morning's hearing.

Diane Cox from the western slope of Colorado just called me and
then sent out this email to here email list of long time friends of
her's and of the Colorado Caucus.

There is great concern on the part of people who have participated
in our wonderful grassroots system for nominating to the primary
ballot, the best chance the person with limited means has of ever
serving in elected public office is going to once again be wounded,
perhaps this time fatally, with another attempt at the Presidential Primary,
something we've tried and rejected here in Colorado.

I hope you give fair and balanced coverage of this important issue. Those
who are wanting to go from grassroots to astroturf are well funded, they
are easily covered, but people like Diane, those quiet people who have
done the work of being a citizen for decades get drowned out.

I thought you'd appreciate reading what she just sent to me and to
her email list. I've copied her, you could contact her directly via email
if you want more. If you want more from me my cell is (720)495-4949 


John S. Wren, Registered Agent
Save the Caucus, a Colorado political committee.John@JohnWren.com

-----Original Message-----
From: Diane Cox
Sent: Tue, Apr 19, 2016 2:24 pm
Subject: The Caucus Gives Grassroots Voice in Leadership

Colorado voters passed a bill in 2002 to give citizens a voice in selecting candidates and platforms for elections. Now the Colorado State legislators are considering a bill to eliminate that caucus system and go to a primary system.
The caucus process allows for grassroots participation for candidates and issues to be heard.
The primary system requires more up front money to get the word out and lends itself more to special interest groups dominating our leadership choices.  It focuses power in the hands of a few party leaders.
If you prefer retaining a last bastion for grassroots participation, please let your state representatives and state senator know and consider forwarding this email to other Colorado friends.
This bill will have far reaching effects on our choices. Thank you for your help.
Google Colorado general assembly or leg.state.co.us for contact information

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