Tuesday, February 16, 2016

9 News Poor Job Explaining Colorado Caucus.

9 News in Denver report on Colorado Caucus.

Republicans should as for equal time. Obvious spin in this story. Reporter clearly has no idea how delegates will be selected.

It's untrue that only Rs and Ds welcome at the gatherings. By Colorado law they are open public meetings. Anyone can observe.

No mention of the other races involved, time lines from caucus to county to state conventions.

This is the largest political event in the state, it deserves much better coverage by our local media, and there should be appreciation for all the volunteer time that goes into it.

Reporter clearly dislikes the system, that's because it is a very hard story to cover. If the station would take the same care getting reports from views as it does with the weather, they would do a great public service. Why won't they? Because it would become crystal clear what a wonderful thing the Colorado Caucus is, lessen the chance the state will regress once again to a Presidential Primary.,

Here's the report:


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