Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Absentee ballot for Colorado Caucus?

Question:  if I'm going to be out of town March 1 can I mail in my vote?

John Wren's personal opinion: No, your neighborhood caucus is a deliberative body, voting in it by mail would be like serving on a jury but skipping the trial and just mailing in you guilty or not guilty decision. 

You have a couple of months, if it's very important to you, maybe you can rearrange your schedule. 

Otherwise be part of the sample in two years, and you can certainly work in your neighborhood and elsewhere for the candidate of your choice between now and March 1 to influence those who will be taking their turn for "jury duty" in our representative system the Colorado Caucus, the best chance the common person as of serving in elected public office. 

For the official answer contact the Colorado Secretary of States office, they are doing a better and better job explaining the Colorado Caucus. 

I've suggested part of the Secretary of States job be to put on a TV special and info in the blue book explaining the virtues of our two party system Colorado Caucus, and the enhanced ability it gives the person without great wealth or other power to serve their neighbors as their elective representative or party leader.

Other opinions on this? Please post as a comment here. If you do call the Colorado Secretary of State please let us know what they say to you, ok?

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