Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Last call for Colorado Caucus?

Building a Better Colorado, the brainchild of the wealthy and powerful, has toured around Colorado talking with people they invited, local leaders of various sorts, to express their opinions on several issues including how candidates are elected in Colorado.

 Now they are sifting through the comments, cooking up legislative expressions of what they heard. 

They should be applauded for storing the pot. Maybe they will come up with some good ideas.

Hopefully they will resist the temptation to just shut down what we know is the best way for Colorado to include average, ordinary citizens in the legislative policy. All meetings are open (unlike the BBC meetings for the first half of their existence) by Colorado law anyone can attend and observe.

 Google Colorado Caucus, inform yourself here on this site and elsewhere, then make up your mind if the Colorado Caucus is a good or bad thing for Colorado.

 Then express your opinion in a letter to your local community newspaper, and plan on attending your neighborhood caucus March 1. If the powerful BBC decides to crush it, that might be your last opportunity.

 It could be the last call for the Colorado Caucus. Your letter to the editor could make the difference.

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