Sunday, February 5, 2012

My friend Dan just asked me for my advice for participating in his GOP neighborhood caucus, his first time to attend. So for Dan and anyone else who is attending for their first caucus, here's my advice.

First, you might read this column I wrote for the Colorado Statesman newspaper (click here.)

Then come back here and read it again after next Tuesday.

Here's the key to success: Show up, listen, and ask questions.

Grassroots politics is a long distance race, and a bit of an acquired taste. Talk by telephone with your precinct committee people in advance. Let them know it's your first time. Ask for his or her advice. How do you find them? Call you're county GOP office, you'll find a link to it on (If there is no one serving, offer to chair the meeting yourself, it's not that difficult.)

Get to your precinct meeting at least a half-hour early next Tuesday, and plan on staying late to talk with people after the meeting. Be willing to take on whatever jobs are offered. You'll learn by doing. When you call your county office, they may ask you to serve as precinct committee person because there is a vacancy. If they do, take the job.

Don't let it overwhelm you, but here is some very good information put together by the Colorado Republicans that should answer most of your questions.

The first order of business is to elect delegates, see the above link. Hold up your hand and say you'd be willing to go. If you've decided on a candidate in any race, you'll get a chance to speak. Remember, it's ok to go as an uncommitted delegate, then you can make up your mind based on full information just before the vote is taken, I think the parties would be much stronger if more uncommitted delegates were elected.

After reading the GOP website and poking around here on this website, if you still have a question post it here and I'll give you my opinion.

Good luck, Dan, and anyone else reading this. Attending your caucus with your neighbors can be a very rewarding experience. They are all good, in my opinion, but some are much better than others. If you see ways to improve the one you attend, you'll have a chance to make a big difference in it in two years. But good or not so good, you'll always remember your first. Have fun!

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