Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Are you a good neighbor? Do you want to be?

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Do you live in a good neighborhood?

 Whether it is good or not, do you want to help make it even better?

If you do, we invite you to join us in this new effort.

We are forming a network of people across Colorado who want to be good neighbors by taking a couple of hours each month to:

 #1) greet newcomers as they move into your neighborhood; and  #2) email all your neighbors each month to help them learn, initially about our wonderful Colorado Caucus. (What's that? Search on Google or on click here.)

As you may know, our Colorado Caucus is the best chance for your neighborhood to be represented by the best people, very often the average, ordinary person who reads the newspaper and votes, but other than that may not have had much if any partisan political experience.

We hope to cooperate with all local chambers, service clubs, churches, synagogues, temples, and community newspapers, that's why we are recruiting a network of people across the state who are willing to help with this massive educational effort.

There is no question that one reason the Colorado Caucus has suffered in recent years is that nonpartisan community education has not been available to people new to Colorado or just new to Colorado politics. 

Will you help us in this effort? If so, please "Like" Colorado Caucus News (click) and we will invite you to the organizational meetings that will be happening soon across the state.

Also, if you might be willing to apply your teaching experience to lead one or more of the self-directed learning groups that we hope will form across the state initially focused on politics but after that other topics, please fill out the application to be a Wren College faculty member on our 

You and I can make a difference! Whether you are open to being a neighborhood greeter or a faculty member or both, I'm very grateful for your interest and I promise that I will personally do everything I can to make this a great experience for you.

Interested? For more information please call or write: 

John Wren, Founder, President, and CEO 
Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc. 
We do Good Work: Love Well, All Prosper.
1881 Buchtel Blvd. #501, Denver, CO 80210
Call first for an appointment, (720)495-4949

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