Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Debate? Or more political ads?

Kent, I got your letter (copy below.) Rather than waste money on an ad campaign, why don't you and I sponsor  a series of talks where both sides of the issue will be presented by national experts? We are today starting to raise money to fight for the defeat of 140 and 98. I'll pledge to contribute what we collect for Save the Caucus if you'll do the same with the committee you have formed. Call me. (303)861-1447 ok? Can I buy you lunch today? John Wren, registered agent, Save the Caucus, a Colorado Political Committee.

John –
I signed on to be chairman of the Let Colorado Vote initiative because I think that the more people who participate in our democracy, the stronger our country becomes. And the way Colorado is doing things – closing elections to unaffiliated voters and depressing turnout with terribly inconvenient and unrepresentative caucuses – isn’t healthy.
We have to do better. Let Colorado Vote is working on two ballot initiatives: one to reinstate a presidential primary and another to open primaries to all voters. I’m thrilled both initiatives have qualified for the ballot and are going straight to the voters this November.
But we’re facing a critical end-of-month fundraising deadline, and we’re still short of our goal. Not closing that gap means we’ll have to cut back on our plans to hire organizers, run ads and educate voters.
I’m asking for your help. Can you make a donation before our midnight deadline to help us hit our goal?
Here’s the link to donate:
Really appreciate your support,
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