Saturday, May 21, 2016

Thanks Villager Newspaper!

Thanks to Bob and Gerri Sweeney and everyone at the Villager Newspaper for this article this week that is a direct communication to the most affluent area in metro-Denver.

The Villager will be one of our primary ways Save the Caucus will attract the $1 million in contributions that will be required to defeat any ballot initiative to kill the Colorado Caucus via the slow death we know from previous experiment takes place with a Presidential Primary.

If you are a Villager reader, please, help your neighbors understand why a Presidential Primary is so harmful to Colorado grassroots. Encourage them to just say NO when they are asked to sign a petition that will put anything of the ballot in November changing Colorado election laws.

Many work hard to preserve the rain forests, tidal marshes, and open space because they are so vital to our environment. The grassroots are just as important to our political environment.

See the wonderful editorial a few posts above by Sue O'Brien, Denver Post Editorial Page Editor when the 2002 Save the Caucus found Amendment 29. Share it online, print it out, a little effort now could prevent an expensive campaign later. Help your friends understand the value of the grassroots and our Colorado Caucus.

For more watch for our media release that will be posted here the Thursday before June 11, and pencil in that June 11th date for a luncheon that will be announced with the release, we hope to have it sponsored by our friends at the Villager, the power of the Villager is absolutely essential for any winning political effort. Thanks again, Villager!

If you haven't seen the Villager article, check it out on or this direct link to the Villager website:

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