Saturday, May 7, 2016

Help us! Plus new Colorado Caucus publication.

New! Colorado Caucus Daily:

Help! Let's each do the little we can between now and next Wednesday when the Colorado legislature adjourns and trust that little with God's help is enough.

Here is one thing you can do that will take less than an hour but will make a big, big difference:

Call your Colorado legislators, say "Save the Caucus! Vote NO on the Colorado Caucus killing House Bill 1454 and Senate Bill 216. We know they kill the Colorado Caucus because they did just that when we experimented with exactly the same thing here in Colorado for a couple of election cycles not long ago. A so called "Presidential Primary" is expensive, meaningless, and it is a Caucus killer. Say NO now online with email and social media, and keep saying NO every time you can between now and next Wednesday. Please, help us Save the Caucus!"

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