Sunday, January 17, 2010

This afternoon I'll be sharing at the Denver Speakers Corner on the topic of How would Ben & Martin vote today? Would they affiliate with a political party? If so, R or D or something else?

Thomas Jefferson is often given credit for being the founder of the Democrats and Abe Lincoln given credit for starting the Republicans off.

Today, my friend David Fogel says he is sure, they would join the opposite party. Lincoln and his concerns would fit more in line with the Dems, Jefferson would be giving talks at the Tea Party gatherings.

Jefferson would have preferred that there be no political parties, but he saw right away that if an opposition party was not organized Alexander Hamilton's party would win every election.

We are better off with just two parties, in my opinion, the European system of multiple parties and back room deals just makes it harder for the common person like me to participate and really make a difference.

So the question is, what would Ben and Martin do today?

Martin Luther King was a Republican, and I see no reason that would change today.

Ben Franklin? I think he'd see the good sense in changing affiliation from time to time. That way he'd get a chance to know all of his neighbors!

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