Monday, January 18, 2010

Deadline looms to affiliate for March political caucuses

From today's Ft. Collins Coloradoan:


Tuesday is the deadline for voters to affiliate with a party if they want to participate in the first step in the nominating process, the March 16 party caucuses.

Voters who currently are registered as unaffiliated, or want to change affiliation from one party to another, must do so by today if they want to participate in the March neighborhood precinct caucuses.

"The League of Women Voters says that it's the place where the voice of just the common person has the most impact," said John Wren of Denver, who led efforts in 2002 to defeat a proposal that would have ended caucuses in Colorado. "It really neutralizes the effect of big money and big power. People that are tired of the politics of the usual should affiliate and vote in their caucus."

At the caucuses, participants will select delegates to participate in further assemblies that will help nominate candidate for state and county-level offices.

Northern Colorado Republicans, in particular, have a number of candidate selection decisions that will begin at the caucuses, including governor, senator and 4th Congressional District nominees.

Democrats in Northern Colorado currently have a contested Senate contest.

More details in Tuesday's Coloradoan.

Additional Facts
Declare affiliation
To participate in the March caucuses, voters must declare a party affiliation by Tuesday. If you want to change from unaffiliated to a particular party, or switch from one party to another, you can do so at these locations:

> Larimer County Elections; 200 W. Oak St., 5th floor, Fort Collins

> Citizens Information Center; 200 W. Oak St., 1st floor, Fort Collins

> Fort Collins Motor Vehicle, 1121 W. Prospect

> Loveland Motor Vehicle; 205 E. 6th St.

> Estes Park Motor Vehicle; 1601 Brodie Ave

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