Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thanks to those who got information out about the deadline yesterday to affiliate with a party to be able to participate in the March 16 neighborhood caucuses across the state:

The Denver Post had a good article on Monday, I only wish they had a follow up story yesterday, the acutual deadline day. How about a link on to the information on the Secretary of State website? I'd like to see this on the homepage, but if nothing else it should be in the political section.

Westword put up a good article online yesterday, it will be interesting to see if there is anything in their print edition that comes out today.

The Ft. Collins Coloradoan had a good article, and the Associated Press put out a release yesterday morning. I don't think there was anything on radio or TV here in Denver.

In years prior there has been nothing in the media about the affiliation deadline, so this was progress.

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John S Wren said...

A couple of people shared the link I put up to the Denver Post article and the Westword article with their Facebook friends. Thanks Ray, John, and anyone else who shared it.