Sunday, January 3, 2021

Who do you trust?

Groucho Marx used to have a TV quiz show called "who do you trust?" Today we each have to ask ourself that question. January 20 either Joe Biden or Donald Trump will take the oath of office and move, or stay, in the White House where they will have the world's shortest communte for the next 4 years. I trust both of them. Either one will have failures, every President has lots of them. The only reason I can trust them, just as I trust congress to make the right decision January 6 when they vote whether to accept the vote of the electoral college, is because I trust the institutions of our contry, the policies and procedures that are inplace, all the government employees, and the one who makes that trust possible for me, my higher power, JC, the carpenter who has been giving all who want it hope and trust for a couple of thousand years. In America, it's just like it says on every penny, "In God We Trust."

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