Thursday, September 8, 2016

Invitation to join our Colorado or National Board:

This email was just sent out to members and friends of Save the Caucus via

You and/or someone you would like to nominate are invited to join the new Boards of Directors that are now forming.
A new National Board and a new Colorado Chapter Board are being formed for our new Neighborhood Caucus Clubs,  Please let us know if there is anyone you would like to nominate.
 After a budget is established a program of activities will be announced, they are expected to include:
 1. Monthly neighborhood newsletters, an online annual calendar and membership directory, each year a table at both state conventions or other state-wide event such as the Colorado State Fair, and a brochure explaining how we help make both the hyper-local Republicans and Democrats in our neighborhood stronger.
 2. An off-year mock Colorado Caucus starting in 2017 that will include all registered voters regardless of affiliation as Republican, Democrat, or Unaffiliated as voting members at the precinct, county and state levels to adopt resolutions on important issues coming before our state legislature, in 2017 the topic will be our powerful Colorado Caucus.
3.  Raising money to assist other states that want to adopt our Colorado Caucus system.
4.  Lobbying both major political parties to adopt the Caucus Elections/ National Primary as described in the book Why Iowa.
5.  A national public relations campaign to help everyone to understand the value of the major-party caucus system to everyone, as described in the book Why Iowa? and elsewhere.
6.  A national workshop for individual citizens, lobbyists, associations, and others who want to understand the legislative process at the state level.
 If you want our help to start a Neighborhood Caucus Club in your precinct, neighborhood or county, or if you want to nominate yourself or someone else to the Colorado Board that is forming, first join us here on this meetup site, attend at least one of our weekly steering committee meetings, and then call John Wren at (303)861-1447.
 Newspaper article about the initial thoughts for starting Neighborhood Caucus Clubs (we first called this effort Caucus Corp), check it out: Caucus Corp, new network of neighborhoods for communications and education being formed.
 This new educational effort is being sponsored in part by Save the Caucus, a Colorado political committee, John S Wren, registered agent. 1881 Buchtel Blvd. #501, Denver, CO 80210 Starting Save the Caucus was a project of the Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc. For questions contact our founder and President John Wren (303)861-1447 

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