Thursday, March 17, 2016

Will you help us?

Former President Carter and others have observed that the United States is now an oligopoly, ruled by an elite of the rich and powerful.

Political scientists have repeatedly established that the best way for the common person to counter the power of an oligarchy is what we have here in Colorado, our Colorado Caucus (search on Google for more about it and “oligarchy.”)

We know from 3 recent election cycles of experience here in Colorado that a Presidential Primary kills the Colorado Caucus. That’s why we switched back in 2004 to what has served our state so well since 1912, part of the Teddy Roosevelt progressive reforms, the Colorado Caucus.

Chaos has been created by two state party chairs who sabotaged the March 1 event by locking arms and calling for the end on TV the weekend before, clearly not doing adequate preparation and training,

Now an unholy alliance of top party leaders and the rich and powerful are trying to kill the Colorado Caucus again.

It is our intention to hire staff, recruit a statewide volunteer network, and do an advertising campaign to fight the Initiative that was approved in the Title Hearing yesterday. If you or someone you know has experience with this sort of effort please contact us.  We need your help to be able to fight this battle. Send your check or just a note of encouragement and/or your willingness to help to “Save the Caucus” 1881 Buchtel Blvd. #501, Denver, CO 80210

Thank you for your support as we fight to save the last hope for the common person to serve in elected public office.

John S. Wren, Registered Agent
Save the Caucus, a Colorado political committee.

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