Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Would you help me help Colorado?

Would you help me?

Would you please get me invited to speak at the next meeting of your neighborhood, service, church or other group in the next few weeks about representative government and (true)self-directed learning?

I would very much appreciate sharing with you and your group about out wonderful Colorado Caucus, the best chance the average person has of serving in elected public office, and what, if anything, can be done to save it from the attack that is certain for this next legislative session.

I'll also share about the fact that running for elected public office or helping other good people get elected can be an excellent self-directed learning project.

It seems to me between now and next March could be a great opportunity for many of us to be of great service to Colorado neighborhoods and our wonderful Colorado Caucus.

Also, at the meeting of your group I'll be recruiting others to speak about this important topic. We will have an all day meeting soon to train speakers and others who volunteer to help in this important effort.

If not next week, when?

John Wren

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