Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stop the Colorado Caucus killers!

"Why is the Colorado Caucus withering? First, because the legislature, in an ineffectual grab for national headlines, created a meaningless presidential primary that eliminated the headline race that once inspired much caucus activism. Second, because we're all getting good at sitting on the sidelines."

The late Sue O'brien
Editorial Page Editor of The Denver Post
October 2002 (see complete editorial in previous post here.)

Sue O'brien was a long time political veteran and could clearly see the great value of our neighborhood caucus-assembly system for nominating to the primary ballot.

Those the Denver Post have writing about it now have never been to one. So they are easily swayed by the 40-city propaganda tour that just launch over the weekend on the western slope at a meeting of Club 20.

The rich and powerful for the most part hate the Colorado Caucus. It gets in the way of their plans to make us "Better Colorado."

I'll be posting here over the next few days as I talk with people about what needs to be done to fight this current attack. Is it time to resurrect Save the Caucus?

Save the Caucus was formed in 2002 to fend off a similar attack, and because of the efforts of a few good people like Ruth Pendergast Amendment 29 which would have killed the caucus was beat 60% to 40% despite being outspent 1400 to 1.

Watch here for more in the next few days, and check out Colorado Caucus News.

John Wren
Denver voter since 1968.

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