Friday, October 18, 2013

Update of this site. Help us?

We are going to be updating the information on each of the power tools over the next week or so. Would you help? Post info you'd like to see added as a comment here on this main newsfeed for the site. Then we'll transfer to the pages.

Especially helpful would be links to articles in you local newspapers that dug into how things actually got done, does anyone have a good article on how the recent Colorado recall campaigns got off the ground written by a good reporter, fact check, and published? Or blog posts with the details?

Thanks for any help you can give us.

In the mean time, we are about to kick off our 80203 group, we'll keep you posted here, depending on how it goes, neighborhood groups may become our 5th power tool for the common person who wants to serve in elected public office or help others get elected.

A reminder that we are educational, not political, we will not be endorsing issues or candidates. We are not affiliated with any candidate, issues committee, or political party.

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