Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just back from attending Denver District 2 meeting in the cafeteria at Morey Jr. High, then first of breakout for Precinct 206 where I live (10th & Grant on Capitol Hill.) I Tweeted @JohnSWren. I'm registered Unaffiliated, so I only attended tonight to observe and to try and get support for my idea of a monthly neighborhood meeting.

District Captain Micheal told me it was his first time in the role, I thought he did a great job. But it was a tough crowd. Most energetic person was a woman rounding up volunteers for Obama for America phone bank.

Micheal led the Pledge of Allegiance, read the rules, and went through the agenda and the paperwork that needed to be complete.Rick Palacio. Rep Mark Ferrandino and a couple of others gave short talks, and the next District 2 meeting at the end of March was announced. Then everyone was sent to meet with their neighbors.

Only 3 men were in the classroom breakout for our Precinct 206, and they were very open to my idea of holding a monthly neighborhood meeting at Charlie Brown's, social, not political. GOP precinct caucus and new committee person Chris were also open to it, so it should happen. It will be interesting to see what impact it has on attendance for GOP and Dem 206 attendance in two years.

Micheal thought our idea for a monthly non-political, non-partisan  was a good idea, and that he might  encourage other districts to do the same thing, which would be great.

Even though the attendance was shockingly low, it seemed to me it was a positive experience for everyone who attended. I can hardly wait to see what it's like in 2014.

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