Monday, February 15, 2010


Please post a few words about yourself as a comment. Tell us who you are, what county you're in (state if you live outside of Colorado), what your political experience has been and your current affiliation. Finally tell us why you are participating, what you hope to learn and any other reason you're willing to be part of this. (This is optional, of course, you can be anonymous if you want. But it's been my experience that we'll all learn more from this if we get to know a little about each other.)


John S Wren said...

John Wren, Denver County. Business consultant and adult educator.

I went to my first precinct caucus in 1974, and I've been a precinct committee person as both a Republican and a Democrat, and I've been a district officer and candidate for both parties. I was the state chair for a political auxilliary organization, which I'll talk more about next week. Right now I'm registered as an unaffiliated voter, something I don't recommend for most people but it seems to make sense for me right now. I'm doing this because I love the
Colorado Caucuses and want to do what I can to strengthen them for the sake of my grand kids.

Anonymous said...

Fort Collins-Kristina. Though I have never missed an election, I had not been too involved in the election or party process until past few years. Other activities where my time went.
Worked/volunteered extensely for Congresswoman Betsy Markey's campaign. Also assisted at local democrative office for GOTV. Worked on phone bank for Obama's campaign. Currently HD 53 director for Larimer County Dems. Attended Wellstone. Looking for ways to pull PCPs together to create an on going community of active citizens in their community. I work full time as well so do this all outside of work.

Just Anita said...

My name is Anita Sherman. I have been a civically engaged activist since age 12. I've had the opportunity to participate in election processes in over 23 States across the US. Being a human rights activist, I have been primarily affiliated with the Democratic Party for the bulk of my 30++ years, and currently a registered Democrat in Garfield County. That being said, I am also fiscally "concerned" with the level of "for profit corporations" receiving taxpayer funds to execute social services, and other programs. Further, We the People, have lost our human rights within our Constitution, in favor of lobby legislated corporate rights. Since both "parties" are essentially corporations, neither is doing much to reverse this devastating process.

As someone who has worked within the party fold, I should also note that I do not believe in the efficacy of our current two-party system, and see broader opportunities for the educated "unaffiliated" voice to break current gridlocks across party lines. I believe an "Independent Caucus", would be able to regain control over the obstructive systems - parties, lobbies, and corporate personhood - that have compromised this nation, and it's people.

I have lived in Colorado, since 2002; have enjoyed participating in several caucuses in 2 Counties; and currently a Precinct Captain and committee person within my County. The Caucus is a unique process, which engages citizens with active debate and dialogue. This is the foundation of our Constitutional Representative Democracy. Without our caucus participation, the process falls short of progressive ideals set within our Constitutions' framework at the State and National levels. There has been too much dialogue about doing away with caucuses in favor of primaries. Many States no longer caucus. No surprise this sentiment is driven from both parties - corporate machines that serve as "special interest" vehicles for the few over the many.

Lastly, Colorado is receiving a tremendous amount of National attention this election cycle. For those States holding primaries we are a curiousity. By strengthening our caucus system this election cycle, we are standing for individual voice and collaborative choice in our election process. I am thrilled to be part of a group across party lines, that believes in the caucus process, and look forward to doing what I can to keep the caucus strong in Colorado.

Mary Clement said...

What an innovative idea to inform people about the caucus system! And, good for you for doing this.

People need to be aware that participating in the caucus system in their own neighborhoods is the way to make changes in Washington and their state legislature. I've attended two caucuses and seen first hand how fortunate we are to have this opportunity to say and stand for what we believe. We are the government of the people. If we don't take advantage of the caucus system, we will throw away a gift from the American political system, and it will only be our own fault.

John S Wren said...

Anita, and anyone else who has reservations about our wonderful 2-party, grassroots system here in Colorado, I hope you'll reserve final judgment until you've participated here over the next 4 weeks and then gone to the March 16 caucus. Will you do that, Anita?

To me, the problem is not with the leadership at the top in our political parties and with our elected representatives, it's people at the grassroots level who either don't understand or who don't want to take the time to fix what is admittedly a broken system now. What do others think?

wourpet said...

I am Wendy Hoffman of Mesa County. I attended my first precint caucus in 2008 and was a little overwhelmed that there seemed to be no 'caucus' and all decisions and delegates appeared to have been chosen ahead of time. The caucus itself appeared to be used more as a campaigning stump for a select few.
I certainly do not expect this was the rule rather than exception but it served little purpose in my understanding of the process.

John S Wren said...

Wendy, hope you'll participate here for the next few weeks and then try it again. Did you read the weekly readings? What do you think of the two booklets "The Individual" and "The Political Party"?

wourpet said...

I have read 'The Individual' and it is aligned with my initial understanding and expectations. Not necessarily with my experience.

John Wren said...

Wendy, Get a few of your neighbors to go with you to your caucus, and you can make a difference. Forward a link to this website along, see if you can get anyone interested in joining you. :)

Marla said...

Hi! My name is Marla, and I have a BA in political science, a paralegal certificate, and a natural resource law certificate. I have been politically engaged since HS.

The first time I learned about the caucuses was in American Government--civics class in College not HS. I came from FL and I don't think the caucuses are as popular there as here.

I am in District 6; and do have a party affiliation.

Danny E. Stroud said...

Hello, my name is Danny Stroud and I am a candidate for House District 1 in Colorado.

Gary Vincent O'Malley said...

Hi, my name is Gary O'Malley, I'm degreed in something, I forgot. I've been a minister in Christianity, I've studied under Zen Master Suzuki, I've taught slow learners in reading and math, I've been a youth group adviser for teenagers, I've produced concerts, mixed music and owned a granola manufacturing company. I'm a multi tour Vietnam combat veteran.
I have loved History all my life and I've read our founders writings, letters and the Federalist Papers. I am for Constitutional governing, states rights, individual liberty to prosper and own.
I am for Cleve Tidwell and Dan Maes in their respective races. I don't want lawyers or incumbants. I follow the wisdom presented by and
I am for the repeal of confiscating the ability to build wealth which strengthens us all and for the taxation of consumption of new retail goods, which drains resources.