Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Missed posting here as I'd intended last week, finding it hard to write anything today.

But if I don't try this it will always be something I regret.

So here goes.

We’ve got another neighborhood caucus coming up soon, but you wouldn’t know it from looking in the newspapers or even the Secretary of State's website.

Classes are being held for true-believers of the left and right about how to manipulate the system to achieve their predetermined ends. But I can see no one trying to help the common person who is new to Colorado or just new to Colorado politics learn how to participate in our, potentially, wonderful neighborhood grassroots system.

It seems to me that from Dick Wadhams and Pat Waak, the respective heads of the Colorado GOP and Democrats, through Cindy Lowrey and Ryan Call, Dem and GOP leaders in Denver, to pretty much everyone I’ve met in either party, we’re well stocked with very good people. I don’t agree with everything any of them do, no one is perfect. But they are good people who care about the system.

Our caucus system is like playing touch football. If you are a red or a green you work hard to try and win for your team. You might even talk about your team being better. But at the end of the day, you are crazy if you think your team is much different.

Negative talk radio and negative campaigning has created real hatred between the two parties, and that's a big part of the cause of the problem. But they are both just tools for selecting good representatives. There is not that much difference between the two parties, and there really shouldn't be.

There needs to be more cooperation in helping the average citizen learn the ropes, but this animosity stands in the way of that happening right now.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the Colorado hero who first taught me how the caucus system is supposed to work. Will you join me? If you have a question about the Colorado Caucus you'd like me to answer here, post it as a comment or send me an email at John@JohnWren.com

I look forward to our conversation.

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