Saturday, April 2, 2016

Why so little newspaper coverage of largest event in Colorado?

Why have the newspapers virtually ignored the Colorado Caucus?

 It hasn't always been this way. Many remember when the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post both printed lists of all caucus locations.

 This and much more could have easily been done this year. There could have been a series of stories that would have helped newcomers to Colorado politics understand the real purpose of neighbors gathering every two years to control the political party of their choice, and why this process is the best way to overcome the political advantage of the rich and powerful that party bosses tap into without this process.

 Why did no newspaper ask their readers to be citizen journalists from their caucus?

Look at all the photos that were being taken this year, how many of them were printed in newspapers across the state?

 If the Colorado Press Association wants to encourage newspaper readership, this is the sort of thing it should be encouraging. Why not give an award this year to the newspaper that did the best job of covering the Colorado Caucus and the meetings that result from it through election day next November?

Now is the perfect time for papers to be writing about the two upcoming state conventions and assemblies with the delegates that were elected this year, and to write thoughtful editorials about why both political parties should make getting rid of current "leadership" their first order of business at their state conventions.

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