Thursday, March 31, 2016

Letter to the Editor

Honest John Shafroth, then Governor of Colorado, called a special session of the legislature
in 1910 to push through reform measures to help clean up Colorado politics, caused in large
part by the domination of party bosses.

The 1910 Special Session Bill 2 created our wonderful, unique Colorado Caucus system, which 
served us well until we almost killed it experimenting with a Presidential Primary in the 90’s. 

It has still not fully recovered. 

Those participating for the first time this year or over the past couple of election cycles have
not seen it at it’s best. Both state party chairs have actively worked against the system they
were entrusted with, and whether it was intentional sabotage or just neglect the result was
chaos and a bad experience for most of the 6,000 gatherings across the state.

The two major political parties will be holding state conventions over the next two weekends.
I hope delegates who’ve seen our Colorado Caucus in better days will stand up for it in the
debate on resolutions, and that no one will sign Initiative 98 being pushed by a corporate
sponsor that will take us back to pre-reform days and party bosses.

John Wren
Registered Representative
Save the Caucus, a registered Colorado political committee
1881 Buchtel Blvd. #501
Denver, CO 80210  (303)861-1447

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