Sunday, March 6, 2016

Did you Film the Caucus? Biased video evidence of "misconduct" from Caucus States.


We are a grassroots effort to catalog and upload video footage from the caucus process. If you have footage from any previous caucuses, please submit it below.We will receive footage from all upcoming caucus states:
Mar 5 - Nebraska, Kansas
Mar 6 - Maine
Mar 12 - Northern Mariana Islands
Mar 22 - Idaho, Utah
Mar 26 - Alaska, Hawaii, Washington
April 9 - Wyoming
May 7 - Guam
June 4 - Virgin Islands
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Our videos are being posted as an indisputable record in lieu of an accurate paper trail, should any review be necessary. Filming can also discourage any shenanigans, as people are likely to behave more appropriately when they know they are accountable. We will be adding a guide here regarding how to film professionally and successfully.

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John S Wren said...

We think this is biased because it only asks for mistakes to be highlighted. Why not also look for examples on meaningful discussion and good conduct, too? Also there are 38 videos from Colorado, but Colorado is not listed as one of the states where they were seeking videos. Seems clear this is the work of the CAUCUS KILLERS. See videos on