Monday, May 4, 2015

Kill Colorado Senate Bill 287 Before It Kills Our Colorado Caucus!

Oppose SB15-287

Save the Colorado Caucus
Fact Sheet- SB15-287


Issue: The bill creates a presidential primary in Colorado for all major political parties. The state must reimburse counties for the costs of the presidential primary election in the same manner as for elections with statewide ballot measures based on the number of active electors affiliated with the parties participating in the primary.

The bill increases costs in the Department of State by $1,677,689 in FY 2015-16 and in
future presidential election years. Based on current law, these costs may be paid from either the
Department of State Cash Fund of the General Fund. These costs are summarized below:
Expenditures Under SB 15-287
Cost Components FY 2015-16 FY 2016-17
County Election Reimbursement $1,620,000
Computer System Modifications 47,689
Travel Expenses 10,000.00
TOTAL $1,677,689 (DECEPTIVE!!!)

Statewide, county clerks will have costs of approximately $4.0 to $5.0 million to conduct
an additional election during presidential election years, based on the costs counties currently incur to conduct the existing June primary election, a mail ballot election of similar size and scope. Costs to counties will include the printing and postage for mail ballots, the operation and staffing of voter service and polling centers, and other administrative and operational costs. Of this cost to counties, $1.6 million will be reimbursed by the Department of State.

The bill takes effect August 5, 2015, if the General Assembly adjourns on May 6, 2015,
as scheduled, and no referendum petition is filed.
Effects of Proposed Legislation:  Please consider the following:

1. There are three days remaining in the 2015 legislative session.  Such a major policy change should be carefully considered by all stakeholders to this process and not decided in the last three days of the legislative session.

2. The expense incurred by the Secretary of State’s office and all of the county clerks for adding an additional election is excessive. Again this decision should involve all parties involved in the process to adequately address planning, cost, and implementation of an additional election.

3. This additional election was implemented several years ago and it was discontinued because of budgetary issues with the state.  Is it appropriate to create these costs again and have small business and others, which use the services of the Secretary of State to have their fees increased, to pay for this election, without any input into the process.

4. Other states are going the other direction, going back to the caucus system.

What you can do!  Oppose the passage of SB15-287, START WITH YOUR LIKE AND SHARE OF THIS!

 Use the interim to bring stakeholders together and working with Secretary of State, determine the feasibility of this policy change.

For more information contact: Corky Kyle, MPA, CAE, The Kyle Group, 303-263-5422 or 1410 Grant Street, Suite B304-1, Denver, Colorado  80203.

(We will be re-registering Save the Caucus with the Secretary of States office if this gets out of committee, we might need to do it anyway. As most know this Facebook Page has been my personal project, along with, until the last few days of fighting the Colorado Caucus Killing SB 287, we have just focused on education with the goal of more informed voters no matter what their position on issues or candidates. I've recruited Corky Kyle, a very well know lobbiest, to help us protect the last, best hope for the average citizen to serve in elected public office, the Colorado Caucus. Watch for more news about Save the Caucus and it's rebirth soon.  John Wren (303)861-1447 or cell (720)495-4949.)


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