Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Colorado Caucus News -- Coverage of Last Night's Colorado Caucus:

Under construction. Check back soon!

John Wren is going to suggest the Colorado Press Association give an award to the best coverage of the 365 days of the Colorado Caucus each year. (Why 365? See Wikipedia article,

Here are stories today about last night's big event with thousands of meetings across Colorado, two for every neighborhood:

Westword The Colorado caucus system may be the preferred approach of advocate John Wren, whose thoughts we shared in this space yesterday, but candidates can also petition their way onto the ballot. And many of the hopefuls have been doing so in tandem with their caucus-related efforts, including Jared Polis. See complete story: 

coloradopolitics (was the Colorado Statesman.) "Thousands of Republicans and Democrats are gathering at precinct caucuses across Colorado in schools, churches and community centers Tuesday night to conduct nuts-and-bolts politics as the election season officially kicks off." See complete story:

Now is the start of the 2020 Colorado Caucus!
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