Thursday, September 15, 2016

Why were Initiatives 98 and 140 now assigned the numbers 107 and 108.

Question: Initiatives 98 and 140 are now Propositions 107 and 108. Is this number shuffle always done? If so, why?

Answer: We asked who before he retired was one of the most knowledgeable election law experts in Colorado. He was unaware of this.

Starting in November 2010, Initiated Statutes are assigned numbers beginning with 100, restarting at 100 after 199, and instead of calling the measure an Initiative it is called a Proposition. See Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 1, Article 5, Section 407Article 40, Section 115Article 40, Section 124.5and Colorado Constitution, Article V, Section 1, ¶ 7.5

The director of research for the Colorado legislative council uses these new numbers in the Blue Book, an impartial voter information pamphlet with an abstract of the fiscal impact study and arguments for and against the measure. 
As a result, those who have read about the Initiative, perhaps worked on getting the signatures required to get it on the ballot, now have to trash any signs or other materials with the original number. Wasteful and confusing, to say the least.
This is another example of change not necessarily bringing progress. 
After citizens have invested in getting the initiative onto the ballot, publicizing the initiative number that the Secretary of State assigns, the Secretary of State then gives the measure a new number that will appear in the Blue Book and on the ballot. 
Let this be a lesson with the changes being proposed for our elections this year. Change isn't progress, vote NO on Propositions 107 and 108.

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