Friday, June 3, 2016

Today at Noon on the Startup Show : Thanks Villager Newspaper!

Topic of Startup Show today (Fri, 6/3) at Noon, link will be posted here.

For now, read all about it on this link, why a network of hyper-local political educators and mentors is in the works to save our wonderful Colorado Caucus. Check it out now, then come back at noon today or any time over the weekend. Here's the article: : Thanks Villager Newspaper!: "Thanks to Bob and Gerri Sweeney and everyone at the Villager Newspaper for this article this week that is a direct communication to the most..." click above to read it all.

I can't do this alone. We need all kinds of help. Call me if you'd like to be part of what we are doing to Save the Caucus. Thanks!

John Wren


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