Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mad as hell, not going to take it any more? Join us, help create a real village.

(DRAFT flier below.) If you like this flier and this concept, feel free to post public comment here below and/or when you share on social media. If you see things that can be improved email or call John at (303)861-1447

New grassroots organization to be launched in preparation for 2018 Colorado Caucus. Unaffiliated voters in every Colorado precinct to 1) welcome newcomers, inform of Colorado Caucus and who to contact for their party; 2) undertake some monthly or more often neighborhood activity that will help neighbors learn each others name, will vary depending on needs of neighborhood and interests of the volunteer leaders; 3) observe each political party activities in the precinct up to and including the 2018 Colorado Caucus and report on a public wiki; 4) when one or more PCP does an outstanding job of building the neighborhood and being inclusive, nominate for the outstanding PCP of the month; 5) work to preserve and protect our wonderful Colorado Caucus with letters to the editor, leading seminars and workshops, mentoring newly involved Colorado citizens. See draft of possible flier below.

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