Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Letter to chair of CO House Appropriations Committee

Dear Rep. Young,

I see you are the chair of the committee that will decide whether 16-1454 will go on
to the floor this session. 

In my opinion you’d do a great service to everyone if you would lay this over until next
session. The proponents of the Bill made it clear yesterday they have not communicated
with the parties addressing similar concerns as initiatives, and I’ve read they have no
opinion as to what will happen if 1454 passes and then one or more of the initiatives
pass. Seems to me at some point there is going to be more of an educational and deliberative
process before a major change like this is adopted.

The Secretary of State and State GOP Chair both spoke in favor of 1454, but everyone I
know seems to think they are the only Republicans at the hearing who did so.

My opinion is that our trial of the Presidential Primary here in Colorado almost killed out
wonderful Colorado Caucus. Why try it again?

So I admit my bias. But even if I wanted this sort of change in Colorado I wouldn’t want to
push this bill through the way it is being handled.

Voters are angry now, in my opinion they’ll be even angrier if 1454 is passed.

Thank you for your consideration. Please call me if I can help with this in any way.

John Wren
Registered Agent,
Save the Caucus, a Colorado Political Committee  cell (720)495-4949
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