Monday, March 7, 2016

Why Save the Caucus is important:

It is a good idea to get rid of the Colorado Caucus from the perspective of a rich, powerful person like Donald Trump and some of the people pushing the Presidential Primary certainly fall into that category.

Political party leaders, now that they are in power, would like to kill the caucus because they know it would greatly increase their power, that was one of the primary reasons Colorado adopted it in 1912. Until then party leaders would just place who they wanted on the primary election ballot. The Colorado Caucus made who the party chooses to put on the primary ballot much more democratic.

That's why the state chairs of both major political parties have locked arms to kill the Colorado Caucus, they know it will greatly increase their power.

The person who benefits most from the Colorado Caucus is the average, ordinary person because it increases his or her political power many times over. 

The objection is sometimes raised, what about the elderly and others who might not be able to participate? Same as a jury trial, if they can't do it then they don't have to. Does it limit their political power? Only if they let it. Those who really care can get on the telephone, talk with their neighbors and remind them to go, and have a big, big influence on who their neighbor supports, way beyond the political power they have if they just go in a booth and pull a lever.

The poor benefit from the Colorado Caucus more than anyone. Without it they don't really have a voice at all. And that's just how those pushing the Presidential Primary would like it.

Save the Caucus!
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