Saturday, February 6, 2016

Wanted: 6000 citizen journalists.

This was just posted on the Wikipedia article: Colorado Caucus: 

If you will be able to attend the March 1 Colorado Caucus you are invited to write a Wikipedia article about it starting now to list location, current (and new when they are elected that evening) precinct committee people, who is elected chair person (sometime precinct committee people assume they are to chair, but by Colorado law that's incorrect), who are elected delegates, and for Democrats who are they pledged to, for GOP what did they say that seemed to get them elected, etc. 

Could someone help build a standard template for gathering this info? My hunch is that even half of the 6000 precinct caucuses are reported on this way it will make the national news and shed a lot of light on the caucus systems strengths and weaknesses.

John Wren
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