Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How did Iowa Caucus become Iowa caucuses?

Just sent to leading authority on newspapers and accepted usage:

Seems to me there must be a story about the sudden change from Iowa Caucus, which had been the accepted usage for decades, to Iowa caucuses every where from the Des Moines Register to Wikipedia. 

Something caused the change other than common usage, look at pictures of Iowa political signs this year, nearly all use Iowa Caucus. Seems to me this is part of an effort to diminish the caucus-assembly system. Grassroots Rules, Why Iowa? have documented what lots of us have experienced, the caucus levels the political playing field, it makes it much more difficult for the rich and powerful to control the electorate. 

More about this on  where I'm going to copy this question now. Hope you'll answer me, I can't get a response from AP.
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