Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Coming soon! New online class, Colorado Caucus 201.

This class is free, but is only offered to newcomers to Colorado and those who are new to Colorado politics.

The prerequisite is completion of our Colorado Caucus 101, which you can see in the last 3 posts here below. When you've completed (start any time, take as much or as little time as you'd like) contact us for a free certificate of completion and to get on the invitation list for 201 when it is announced.

So read the last 3 posts here, once you've contacted your county and precinct leaders, contact John Wren at John@JohnWren.com or (303)861-1447. Also contact John if you have any questions or suggestions about what we are doing here.

Our wonderful Colorado caucus-assembly system is the best chance, possibly the last chance, the common person of ordinary means has of serving in elected public office. Thanks for being an active citizen, which the system requires for it to survive and flourish.
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