Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Inspired Archbishop Aquila Sets Us Free from SB14-175

Denver--Sensing defeat, those sponsoring the legislation that had been personally opposed by Archbishop Samuel Aquila was withdrawn tonight.

Consideration in the Colorado Senate as a committee of the whole was to have take place yesterday.

Clearly a lot of work was put into the rally yesterday, the largest some have said they've seen of that gatherings on the west steps of Catholics that are held from time to time, previously in the last couple of years rallies to oppose so called civil unions legislation that went on to pass.

The question now is how to extend a loving olive branch to those who are stinging tonight from the defeat and use this as an opportunity for evangelism.

Maybe the sunglasses were a good idea.

Story from Catholic News Agency (click), and John Wren's comment to it:
"The political party assemblies that choose major party candidates for the Colorado legislature have already met and designated candidates for the ballot. The delegates to these assemblies were chosen at neighborhood precinct caucuses across Colorado on March 4."
Good point. This is really the start of the 2016 Colorado Caucus. Yes, people can get involved and make a difference. But to leverage their power they should keep in mind the powerful process that puts candidates on the ballot for both major political parties.
Archbishop said yesterday he was surprised how many he spoke with didn't even know who their state representative are now. Here's an idea. How about one mass each year to honor our local representative in Federal, state, and local government?

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