Thursday, April 17, 2014

CO SB14-175 article: My comments, and my request to you (highlighted.)

It would be interesting to interview everyone who was involved in deciding to make this THE fight at this late date.

This amount of energy invested a few months ago would have made a huge difference. I attended a gathering at Mother of God Church here in Denver right after the last elections. Everyone was encouraged to write letters to those who had just been elected.

Whether by design or by accident, the timing of these education activities seem to me to be a real problem. Looking back at the Civil Unions fight, it would have been much better if Colorado Catholic Conference would have just not done anything.

Looks like a replay of that misguide effort unfolding here with
SB14-175. Hope I’m wrong. We’ll know soon.

Often wrong, never in doubt. :-)

Glad to be wrong this time. Maybe there was a genius at work in this I haven’t appreciated before.

Thank you Archbishop Aquila for your leadership, and to our brother Jesus for his walking with each of us as we did the little we could, trusting (most of trusting most of the time) that with God’s help it would be enough.

And thanks to NCR for this great story. I’m going to subscribe right now, and I’ll encourage readers of my educational effort to do the same, so get ready for a flood of new subs. :-)

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