Thursday, February 9, 2012

Colorado State Bill today mentions me as caucus cheerleader, see link I've just posted on Colorado Caucus News Facebook Page. It right under post of Tina Griego's very interesting recount of her rural caucus experience Tuesday night.

I keep thinking there is no further need of a independent group to support our wonderful Colorado Caucus, the best chance for the common person to serve in elected public office, and then the system is slammed by Colorado State Bill and others. Maybe our work here is not finished.

You may have noticed there are no advertisements here on this site. It's not because I didn't try. Google AdSense just never worked, we missed out on some fairly serious money, I'd guess, we've been getting a couple of thousand hits a day here on for the last few days.

I'm probably going to fold this site and other activities to promote the Colorado Caucus into the Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc that I'm in the process of organizing. Right now the virtual group is offering to help local chambers of commerce organize startup workshops and low cost/ no cost peer advisory groups for startups and small businesses. We don't plan on taking positions on political issues, we'll leave that up to the local chambers. But the one exception might be the Colorado Caucus, maybe one or two others that will be determined by the board of directors that will be formed in the next few weeks.

Our next big project will be to organize the 2nd Colorado Conference at the Capitol. The first was held 10 years ago, right after the defeat of Amendment 29.  It will be sponsored by, the new Colorado Almanac and Small Business Directory.

If you'd be willing to help this effort in any way, or if you'd like more information about what's coming next, please contact me anytime at or (303)861-1447

John Wren

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