Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I just sent out this email:

To:  Greg Moore, Curtis Hubbard, Jessica Fender, Lynn Bartels
From: John Wren

Who should I quote from the Post?

I’m going to write something for my blog Colorado Caucus 2010 about how today’s deadline for affiliating as an R or D to be able to vote March 16.was covered.

My Post print edition hasn’t arrived yet, but there is nothing about the caucus on the homepage of DenverPost.com this morning. Is this just an oversight?

It’s especially surprising the deadline is not featured on your new The Spot. Seems like the Colorado Caucus is a story that could be used to draw a lot of readers to it.

There were almost no hits on the story that was done yesterday, but it’s clear that was because of the headline and the fact it was not feature as a lead story which I think it deserved.

People who go to their neighborhood caucus read the newspaper, I’m sure of that.

I’d like a statement from someone from the Denver Post about how decisions are made about covering the Colorado Caucus. Seems to me it’s the biggest story in Colorado.

You can reach me on my landline right now, or on my cell any time (720)495-4949.


John S. Wren, MBA+
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